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NO to Ahmadinjad! YES to Human Rights: Rally at UN HeadquartersJoin us at the opening of the 

U.N. General Assembly

Start Time:Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 11:00amEnd

Time:Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 11:00pm

Location:United Nations Headquarters Street:47th Street and 1 Ave (subject to change) City/Town:New York, NY


Email: [email protected]

Web address:

An open letter why we ALL should attend...

As American citizens we enjoy many rights. One being freedom of speech, two that being your right to assembly and third the ability to cast your ballot for the Presidential candidate of your choice. On september 23/24 of 2009 at the United Nations building where great leaders from around the world assemble, who have actually EARNED their right take their place in the esteemed and hallowed halls where so many before them have before; a man will enter, and he will present himself as the lawful, truthful, and popular President of Iran. He is in fact a dictator for only a fair election can result in a presidency. Dictators ensure their rule through tactics such as has been employed by Ahmadinjad. These include shutting down newspapers, televisions and considered unfavorable to his positions and ultimately what would by all rights be considered a mock election. Do these these things sound familiar to you? Well, Iran can now welcome itself to a dictatorship.Ahmadinjad is a traitor to his country and betrayer of his fellow Iranians on a daily basis. Trampling on freedom of speech, imprisioning those brave enough to pick up a pen and write about the wrongs or to speak aloud against the intlolerable nation Iran is being forced to become when a pesons vote does not count and change that is desired is buried with the wished of the people. Secondly he arrests and detains persons putting them in dire even life threatening situations...inhumane is to a easy a word for his inexcusable behavior. The crime of these persons who in large part as of late it has come to light are students. They dare to assemble and speak out. For this they are treated worse than some of the most hardend criminals. Last but not least; Ahmadinjad has shown he will use any means necessary to maintain his position through deception and keeping Iran without an honest or fair election. Thus leaving it's citizens without a vote, and therefore without a voice. Without a voice there is no need to now distinguish between women's right's or right's of youth's for now simply it is about Iran as as whole; about Iran's dignity, it's solidarity. That is what coming together for each and everyone of these events unites, and lets Iranians far away and here know that they have solidarity. That they will not be forgotten as their votes were like so many fluttering burning cinders of paper that fly away in the night sky.They will be remembered like the flame set frome one of those smallest pieces of cinders that grew until it turned into a blaze burning away the mask of the old that tries so hard to decieve the world and once destroyed it had become as beautiful and free as a the pheonix risising up from those ashes of cast off votes and thrown away dreams. Only to be replaced by those of us who will start with an echoe of and stand up and and shout NO! Mr.. (for he does not deserve a title) Ahmadinjad you do not belong here in New York City at the United Nations or in Iran! For Iran is coming into it's own ...a new Iran , a beautiful Iran, an exciting Iran and a FREE IRAN!!

So please come show your support at the United Nations Rally...let your voice count!!

Thank You,

Deborah Anne Allen

For Breast Cancer

October 16 - 18, 2009

The red-brick colonial homes, cobblestone alleys and a green oasis make it easy to forget your 

3-Day journey winds through a major metropolis. Translated from Greek, Philadelphia means “City of Brotherly Love” and you’ll feel the love as the people of this great city cheer you on along the

3-Day route. Take the first step on your 60-mile Philadelphia journey. 

Join me for a Night of Hope at the New Yankee Stadium

Joel has asked me to share the remarkable story of how God led me to feed and care for children all around the world.

I am thrilled to be able to participate in this historic ministry event. Americans need a night of hope and

encouragement more than ever!

You will come away blessed even as you bless children who are less fortunate and need our help.

See you at New Yankee Stadium!

Larry Jones

Founder and President

Feed The Children

This will be a night you will never forget – don’t miss it!

Saturday, April 25 New Yankee Stadium

Bronx, NY

Program at 7:00 PM

Doors open at 5:30 PM

For more information on Feed The Children's work, please visit our website